General Information

The Nashville Municipal Auditorium was designed and built in 1962 to satisfy Middle Tennessee's need for a multi-purpose facility that could handle a diversity of events with equal ease.

For more than 60 years it has done just that, hosting everything from concerts to circuses, auto shows to evangelical crusades, and trade shows to touring extravaganzas.

Arena Floor

The arena floor is a multi-purpose space consisting of 17,052 sq. ft. with the side floor seating in place, and 32,928 sq. ft. without the side floor seating in place. For family events such as concerts, the Nashville Municipal Auditorium offers a well-equipped arena with total reserved seating for up to 9,654. A full-sized D1 National Championship basketball court can be set for high school, college, or professional games.

Outdoor Plaza

A 38,400 square-foot plaza adjacent to the Auditorium can be rented for events. The area is 240' x 160' and may be used independently of the building.

Booking Events

To book an event, please call Darrin Howard at (615) 862-6982.

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